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Thursday, 10 January 2013

This year's IPv6 Roadblock

Are you wondering why most companies are not looking at IPv6? Why is adoption so slow?

The answer may be Web Filtering!!!

Go back 5 years and the blocks to IPv6 adoption were multiple. Device compatibility, especially firewalls and switching, applications. Even Active Directory in its 2003 form could not support IPv6.

That is all past. Today, lack of IPv6 support is a warning sign that the company you are purchasing from is lazy on the development front. Consequently, such companies are on a slow downward trend. Watch carefully and you'll see them disappear or bought out. Except for Web Filtering.

Most filtering companies are still on the edge of the cliff, gathering together for warmth and seeing who is going to jump in first. Well guess what, no one with any mind for web security (which is just about every minor organisation with the financial oomph to purchase such a package) is going to go IPv6 for web browsing until filtering is in place. Companies that look into IPv6 adoption don't jump and then look how they are going to do things, they want the whole project plan down first. So when they get to the final step and find that they cannot cross it, the whole project fails.

So it is not that companies are not looking for IPv6 filtering, they are just waiting for Web Filtering companies to get on board. Guess what, Web filtering companies are waiting for firms to tell them they want it. That is not going to happen! So if any web filtering company is reading this, want to get ahead of the competition in this tough season, IPv6 is your boost. Get in first and you may give yourself that needed lift to not only survive the current financial crisis, but to come out fighting.

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