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Wednesday, 4 March 2009

IT Managers' Meeting at Westminster

In the spirit of Ian Yorston's talk on micro-blogging and social networking, all the resources for this event are going to be hosted "in the cloud." I thought to announce this move straight away on Twitter. I was therefore rather amused when I discovered that for a second day in a row the micro-blogging site had fallen off it's branch. Despite this knockback we shall soldier on.

As not everyone is on Twitter, and not following my particular Tweet, I hope that Ian will forgive me for using that conventional method of distribution; the Corporate Email.

The PowerPoint presentations will be hosted on my SkyDrive, that remarkable 5Gb of storage space provided to individuals for free as part of the Live package. The SkyDrive allows for both private and public documents. You can now take your presentation to your next meeting without a single piece of hardware on you. If they have internet, you can present it.

Of course, the SkyDrive is also a great place to share documents. You do this by adding documents to the Public Folder in your SkyDrive. It is then possible to use an amazingly long and complex link to share your files. Which leads me to the fourth and final piece of public air estate...

A single SkyDrive link will overflow the 140 character limit of Blogger. (The links below were 144 characters in length.) It also looks horrendous. Go to Tinyurl and enter this complex link address and you are provided with a tiny url to replace the massively complex one. Not only can I now include these links in my Tweet, but my post here looks much neater. The URLs are practically permanent provided they are used. Unused URLs are deleted after a year of inactivity. If you have ever received an email with the URL cut in half, you will also appreciate the usefulness of Tinyurl.
The other sites mentioned in Ian's talk were:
  • Hootsuite
  • Facebook
And so to the other presentations: VMWare - Server Virtualisation presented by Richard Hindley. This details Westminster School's implementation of and resoning behind using VMware to virtualise Servers and keep data safe. App-v - Application Virtualisation presented by me. A lively discussion on Microsoft's idea of Virtual Applications and possibly the future of application delivery? To VLE or not - On VLEs and MLEs presented by Ian Phillips. There is much more in this document than time allowed Ian to present. Pupil Connectivity - This presentation was not shown in the end. Instead we had a discussion on the subject. This presentation details the thinking behind Westminster's implementation of a Cafe style wireless. IPv6 - A technical look at why we should keep an eye on IPv6. Presented briefly by me.


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